About Us

“Roasting coffee is cooking, with science applied.” (Anne Cooper)

Blue Arrow Coffee

The tradition of trying different flavors goes back to my dad when he first encouraged me to try new things and be adventurous. He also said that going to the market and trying different foods like seaweed, salted meats, fermented corn, etc. is the best way to learn about a town or country.

Since I left Peru, I have been experimenting with various flavours and I am here to share with you the finest coffee flavour. The flavour and aroma of the final product is significantly affected by the roasting process of the coffee to ensure that the coffee accurately reflects the distinctive flavour and properties of the beans’ origin. Blue Arrow Coffee provides consumers with a pleasant and satisfying coffee-drink experience through the use of alternative coffee fermentation techniques.

The goal is to be able to return to my native country, find the greatest coffee, establish connections, and provide you with a well-prepared coffee taste that honors my beloved South America.

After several years (and traveling home), I've had the opportunity to experiment with a variety of unique flavours and coffee processing methods. I'm finally prepared to share them with the rest of the world!